Mormons on The Children of Same-Sex Couples

by Ruben Castillo

Recently the LDS church’s top leader made new policies about same-sex marriage and was adopted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. An Article in the New York Times called “Mormons Reinforce Stand on Same-Sex Marriage” by Laurie Goodstein discusses about the new policy. The church has lobbied against laws legalizing same-sex marriage, with the supreme court making it the law of the land, the church felt the need to protect their beliefs. Goodstein writes that the church has been in support of laws intended to protect gay people from discrimination in recent years. The new policies make it that the children of same-sex couples are banned from the church until they are 18 and have moved out of a same-sex home, and members of the church who are in a same-sex relationship are considered apostates and will undergo a disciplinary hearing that could lead to excommunication. My question is that if the church is in favor of protecting same-sex couples from discrimination, why would they banned the children of same-sex couples from the church? Are they not discriminating themselves? They are banning anyone that has to do anything with same-sex relationships. Some liberal LDS members are against the new policies, in the article, one member says that “It’s heartbreaking for me to see my church drawing this line in the sand, which leaves faithful L.G.B.T members with an impossible choice: They can either be excluded from lifelong love and companionship, or excluded from the blessings of the church.” I understand that the church is protecting their beliefs that comes from the scriptures, and they make policies as the generation changes, but these policies are based off old fashioned beliefs. The church teaches love and acceptance, but are banning faithful members. The church considers them not faithful members because they are breaking religious morales. The church believes that they are not really happy or are confused if they are attracted to the same-sex, but why is the church making them even more religiously confused by making them feel unwanted? One can never disrespect others religion, but these beliefs are going to make the children unwanted and confused on why their religion of choice does not accept them. A child might even hate their parents because of the parents relationship they are banned from the church their entire childhood. The church believes and teaches that no one should be persecuted and mistreated, but believe in the protection of religious freedom, making the church show hostility towards this situation. They have opposed same-sex relationships, and believe that it is not permitted within membership. The church respects the law but also has the right of freedom of religion, and is protected by that right making it lawful. I believe that this act is not what the church is trying to teach and making it so that the idea of same-sex relationship is no longer an issue and has been dealt with. Discriminating and prosecuting members that are gay and their children.


Video of a Utah news station discussing about the policy


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