What Is Beauty?

by Claire Dinehart

As writers, we strive to find beauty in all things. Even the unappealing things in life can be romanticized with just a few lines of prose. But why do we do this? It is a hard question to answer, but I think it’s so we don’t have to focus on ourselves.We spend countless hours beautifying the world around us. In contrast, we often do not spend enough time reminding ourselves that we are beautiful. It’s disturbing to me that we can find beauty in even the most mundane things, but not in ourselves.

Shea Glover, an eighteen year old student in Chicago, performed a social experiment in which she filmed people’s reactions to her calling them beautiful.

The reactions in this video are amazing. People’s entire faces and attitudes change when they hear that one simple phrase, “I’m taking pictures of things that I find beautiful.” Unfortunately, not everyone had a positive reaction. One girl was so convinced that no one would find her beautiful that she actually threatened Glover.

In our society, it is important to take the time to appreciate oneself. No matter how beautiful something or someone else is, we are all unique individuals, which is beauty in and of itself. So next time you want to romanticize something, romanticize yourself.



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